Ways to Practice Speech at Home

Ways to Develop Your Kids’ Speech Faculties


Communication milestones are typically met on a predictable timeline. It is important to consider a speech and language evaluation if you have concerns about the communication abilities of the child in your life. You can find speech therapy in Milwaukie, Oregon

Speech Development: Why Does It Matter?
Early intervention programs, such as speech or language therapy in Oregon, help children improve their communication skills. Through this, they’ll be able to thrive in school, interact with peers and students effectively, and communicate what their wants and needs. These are all essential to their learning experience, personal growth, and eventually, their career.

Ways to Hone Your Kids’ Linguistic Skills
Yes, early childhood education professionals support the language development of your child but you can also do some communication enhancement activities at home. Doing these can help you get started:

  • Start talking to your kids even as early as at birth.
  • Be responsive even to their babbling and cooing.
  • Make language-based games a daily routine.
  • Talk to them a lot, especially to identify things, people, activities, and tasks at home.
  • Tell them stories or read their books aloud.
  • Use music to expand their vocabulary.
  • Encourage kids to share their thoughts through show-and-tell activities and other communication-focused games.
  • Ask them questions and listen to them attentively as they talk.
  • Allow children to hang out with others whose language skills are more advanced than theirs.

You are also invited to visit Pathway Speech Therapy for professional assistance in assessing your child’s speech and/or language skills.

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