Speech Therapy: Home Tips for Parents

Speech Therapy: Home Tips for Parents

In the early stages of development, many children exhibit speech problems. Parents understandably worry about their child’s capacity to communicate. If you are concerned about language issues with your child, the first thing you need to do is to consult a speech-language pathologist.

Pathway Speech Therapy, an expert in Speech Therapy in Milwaukie, Oregon suggests the following steps:

  • Practice with them.
    One way to address language issues is by regularly practicing with your child. If they have trouble saying certain sounds like “s”, encourage them to make that sound daily. If they can produce the sound already, you can then easily incorporate it into syllables like “sa-sa-sa” or “si-si-si.”
  • Reduce background noise and distractions.
    During practice sessions, make sure to reduce background noises and distractions. Studies show that too much exposure to television can delay language development in children because parents tend not to talk as much as they otherwise would.
  • Let them use straws.
    Developing the mouth’s muscular strength is important for clear speech. To develop their muscular strength, you can let them drink liquids with a straw or simply allow them to blow air out of it.
  • Let them read aloud.
    Language Therapy in Oregon recommends letting children read aloud their favorite book. Or if they are too young to be able to read words, having them explain what they understood from the book can strengthen their speech and boost their confidence.
  • Listen and be understanding.
    Another way to help them is to let them know that you are listening and can fully understand them. Try to also keep the conversation natural as much as possible.

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