Pathway Speech Therapy is an In-Network provider with Blue Cross Blue Shield, Cigna, Pacific Source, and United Healthcare/Optum and is able to submit reimbursement claims directly to these insurance plans on your behalf. Unfortunatly, we are not able to accept OHP. We do some outside contracting with Kaiser Permanente which allows us to serve some families with Kaiser insurance.

If Pathway Speech Therapy is Out of Network with your insurance plan, you are able to submit reimbursement claims directly to your insurance company. Pathway Speech Therapy will provide you with a superbill which contains the necessary information, including diagnosis codes and treatment plans. If you are unsure about the process for filing a claim, the customer service number should be on the back of your insurance ID card.

Out of Pocket If insurance benefits are not applicable to your family, payments are due before each session and there is a 5% discount. Speech Therapy sessions are typically 40 minutes, and the rate is 125.00 per session (CPT 92507). Language Evaluations (CPT92523) are typically 50 to 60 minutes and are 250.00

Emergent Speech Language Development Package is specifically for preschool-aged children with characteristics of childhood apraxia of speech and delayed expressive language. Each session is designed to expand your child’s speech and language skills, using principals of motor learning and evidenced-based interventions. Each package of 5 sessions is 425.00 and includes written reference materials describing each of the interventions, tactile-sensory materials used for hands-on placement training and a home practice guide.

Please call 503-654-4959 if you would like to discuss options.