Finding Your Best-Fit Speech Therapist

How to Know You're Partnering with a Reliable Speech Therapist

You may be wondering if the child in your life has a speech or language delay. Maybe they’ve already had an evaluation, but you still have questions about the process or you’re not sure what speech therapy is all about. I recommend finding a speech therapist you can connect with, someone who you can build rapport with. Your best-fit speech therapist will share your passion, be easy to talk to and share your commitment to improving the communication skills of the child in your life.

Finding a speech therapy provider that you have confidence in is essential. Speech therapy for your child is an investment in time, energy and money and you’ll want to find the very best fit for your family. Call around to several speech therapists, ask questions, get to know their philosophy on providing services. Here are a few things to consider when looking for the right speech therapist for your family:

  • In-Depth Knowledge- Work with a speech-language pathologist who can demonstrate the strategies they teach and explain the interventions they use. You’ll want a speech therapist who knows how to impart her/his knowledge about communication and make it easy for children to understand and follow along.
  • Shared Goals- The right speech therapist for your family will explain their opinions, views, and rationale for therapy. They will answer all your questions and provide you with resources to ensure you are part of the decision-making process. They will value your ideas and be willing to adjust their process to meet your family goals.
  • Passion for Serving- The right speech therapist for your family will be compassionate, and patient when providing intervention. Their enthusiasm will show through, and they’ll keep your child engaged, motivated and having fun.

Do you have questions about a child in your life and think they may be experiencing a speech delay? If so, then partner with Pathway Speech Therapy today.

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