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When to be Concerned with Your Child’s Speech Delays

When to Be Troubled with Children’s Speech Delays


Every child develops in their own timeline, and there is a wide variety of typical development. However there are some developments that are expected within a certain age range. This can leave many parents worrying about whether or not their children are on the right track. A provider of Speech Therapy in Milwaukie, Oregon, lists down the following instances where you will need to take actions on your children’s speech delay from infancy:

  • Not paying attention to others
    The very foundation of language development starts with social interaction, so if your baby doesn’t pay attention to others nor respond to games, music, sounds, or moving toys, talk to your pediatrician or call a speech language pathologist to dicucss your concerns.
  • Not recognizing their names
    Your toddler should be able to stop what they’re doing when they hear their name. We expect toddlers to react in some way when they hear their name. Perhaps not every signle time but most times, the majority of times. You can find Language Therapy in Oregon.
  • Not acting out gestures
    By 12th months of age, toddlers start imitating simple waving of hellos and goodbyes, as well as shaking their heads for a “no”. We like to see 16 gestures by 16 months of age. Those might include high fives, thumbs up, pointing, shoulder shrugs and so on.

Pathway Speech Therapy is happy to help your child in any area of  communicatiion via speech therapy techniques that suit their age! Call or text with questions.

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