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When to Be Troubled with Children’s Speech Delays

When to Be Troubled with Children’s Speech Delays

Every child indeed develops in his/her timeline, but there are some developments expected within a certain period. This can leave many parents worrying about whether or not their children are on the right track. A provider of Speech Therapy in Milwaukie, Oregon, lists down the following instances where you will need to take actions on your children’s speech delay from infancy:

  • Not paying attention to others
    The very foundation of language development starts with social interaction, so if your baby doesn’t pay attention to others nor respond to games, music, sounds, or moving toys, take this as a warning.
  • Not recognizing their names
    Your baby should be able to stop and turn to whoever calls their name and imitate them, which is why you must talk to your children as much as possible. Otherwise, you may need help with Language Therapy in Oregon.
  • Not acting out gestures
    By their 12th month, they’ll start imitating simple waving of hellos and goodbyes, as well as shaking their heads for a “no”. Watch out if your baby doesn’t respond with gestures such as these by this time.

There are more signs than these you need to take note of. Let Pathway Speech Therapy help your children have Communication Enhancement via speech therapy techniques that suit their age!

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