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Voice therapy is one of the most common interventions provided. Vocal strain can be brought on by upper respiratory infections, muscle tension, overuse, or as the result of another medical condition. Before we start voice therapy, you’ll need an evaluation by an ENT (otolaryngologist), so they can address any medical condition. Once your ENT completes their evaluation, they’ll make a referral to a speech pathologist. During voice therapy, we’ll practice at the conversational level with skills that include a focus on sensory feedback. Goals of therapy include speech with reduced muscle tension and reduced vocal fold impact during phonation.

LSVT Loud Voice therapy is an intensive intervention designed to teach adults to use their voice at a more normal loudness level while speaking at home, work, or in the community. Key to the treatment is helping people “recalibrate” their perceptions so they know how loud or soft they sound to other people and can feel comfortable using a stronger voice at a normal loudness level.

While LSVT LOUD treatment has helped people in all stages of Parkinson’s Disease, the majority of research has been on those in moderate stages of the disease. LSVT LOUD has also helped people with atypical parkinsonisms, such as progressive supranuclear palsy (PSP), and has recently shown promise for adults with speech issues arising from stroke or multiple sclerosis and children with cerebral palsy or Down syndrome. Beginning your work with LSVT LOUD before you’ve noticed significant problems with voice, speech and communication will often lead to the best results, but it’s never too late to start. LSVT LOUD has the potential to produce significant improvements even for people facing considerable communication difficulties.

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